ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-060210-22
Effects of a teleost tetraploidization on neuropeptide y receptor gene repertoire in ray-finned fishes
Salaneck, E., Larson, E.T., Larsson, T.A., and Larhammar, D.
Date: 2005
Source: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences   1040: 457-459 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Larhammar, Dan, Larson, Earl T., Larsson, Tomas A., Salaneck, Erik
Keywords: neuropeptide Y, receptor, gene, subtype, teleost, repertoire, mapping
MeSH Terms:
  • Animals
  • Evolution, Molecular*
  • Fishes/genetics*
  • Phylogeny*
  • Polyploidy
  • Receptors, Neuropeptide Y/biosynthesis
  • Receptors, Neuropeptide Y/genetics*
  • Squalus acanthias
PubMed: 15891088 Full text @ Ann N Y Acad Sci
The ancestral vertebrate repertoire for neuropeptide Y receptor genes of the Y1 subfamily probably included four subtypes: Y1, Y4, Y6, and Y8. There was probably a single gene in the Y5 category. Both Y1 and Y5 stimulate food intake in mammals. As the genome seems to have duplicated during the evolution of ray-finned fishes, we have investigated the gene repertoire in species that diverged prior to the appearance of teleosts, as well as a basal teleost and a shark. Our results show that the genes Y1, Y5, and Y6, which are missing in many teleosts, are present in basal actinopterygians. These dramatic alterations of the teleost receptor repertoire may be related to the tetraploidization in a teleost ancestor.