ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-040217-1
ZGC Data Curation and Association in ZFIN by ZFIN Staff
ZFIN Staff
Date: 2004
Source: Semi-automated Curation : (Curation)
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The Zebrafish Gene Collection (http://zgc.nci.nih.gov/) contains full-length cDNA clones of expressed zebrafish genes. These cDNA sequences have been curated and associated with their encoding gene in ZFIN. In the case of genes novel to ZFIN, the associations were made after creating a new gene. Nomenclature for novel genes was assigned using the ZGC clone accession ID. This nomenclature will be revised as part of the ongoing curation process at ZFIN when additional information about these genes and their function becomes available. Nomenclature revisions also incorporate information from paralogous and orthologous sequences and through collaborative efforts with other databases. To obtain more detailed information about this process or to send comments, please contact ZFIN.