ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-031022-5
Computational Sequence to Gene Association in ZFIN
ZFIN Staff
Date: 2003
Source: Semi-automated Curation : (Curation)
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A comparison of mRNAs and cDNAs to ESTs is produced each month as part of the Unigene build at NCBI. A candidate set of merges between ESTs and genes existing in ZFIN is provided to ZFIN through a collaboration with LocusLink. Automated EST to gene associations are based on the quality of the sequence similarity match between the target EST sequence and the query transcript sequences in ZFIN. Automated associations of EST sequences require an identity of 99% or higher over 90% of the length of the query sequence. Additional information such as map location and expression data are transferred to the gene. ESTs with a significant identity match (97-98%) over 90% of the length are considered for merges after a curatorial review. To obtain more detailed information about this process or to send comments, please contact ZFIN.