ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-010718-41
Nadine Dobrovolskaia-Zavadskaia and the dawn of developmental genetics
Korzh, V. and Grunwald, D.
Date: 2001
Source: BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology   23(4): 365-371 (Review)
Registered Authors: Grunwald, David, Korzh, Vladimir
Keywords: T-box genes, mesoderm formation, floor plate, zebrafish, mouse, tail, identity, specification, mutations, notochord
MeSH Terms:
  • Animals
  • Fetal Proteins*
  • Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental*
  • History, 19th Century
  • History, 20th Century
  • Mice
  • Mutagenesis
  • Neoplasms/genetics
  • T-Box Domain Proteins/metabolism*
PubMed: 11268043 Full text @ Bioessays
In one of the first genetic screens aimed at identifying induced developmental mutants, Nadine Dobrovolska'ia-Zavadskaia, working at the Pasteur Laboratory in the 1920s, isolated and characterized a mutation affecting Brachyury, a gene that regulates tail and axial development in the mouse. Dobrovolskai'a-Zavadskai'a's analysis of Brachyury and other mutations affecting tail development were among the earl lest attempts to link gene action with a tissue-specific developmental process in a vertebrate, Her analyses of genes that interacted with Brachyuryled to the discovery of the t-haplotype chromosome of mouse, After 70 years, Brachyury and the multiple genes with which it interacts continue to occupy a prominent focus in developmental biology research. A goal of this review is to identify the contributions that Dobrovolskai'a-Zavadskaia made to our current th in ki ng about Brachyury and how she helped to shape the dawn of the field of developmental genetics.