ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-990223-17
Golling, Greg
Email: golling@znomics.com
URL: http://www.znomics.com/
Affiliation: Znomics, Inc.
Address: Senior Scientist Suite 200 2611 SW 3rd Avenue Portland, OR 97201 USA
Phone: (503) 827-5270
Fax: (503) 228-3290

Znomics is employing breakthrough genetic advances with zebrafish to improve and speed human drug discovery. The Znomics discovery platform is based on two key technologies: 1) development of disease models and assays in zebrafish that are suitable for high-throughput in vivo drug discovery and 2) for drug target discovery, a new retroviral insertional mutagenesis system that allows for mutation of all of the 40,000+ zebrafish genes followed by rapid recovery of genes of interest. This tagged mutant gene library ('ZeneMarkā„¢ Library') will be the first of its kind in any vertebrate. With this set of lesions, company scientists can then identify all genes that contribute to a particular disease-related process.

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