ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-971001-6
Trudeau, V.L.
Email: vance.trudeau@uottawa.ca
URL: https://www.teamendo.ca/
Address: University Research Chair in Neuroendocrinology Dept. of Biology University of Ottawa Ottawa, Ontario
Country: Canada
Phone: 1-613-562-5800 x6165
Fax: 1-613-562-5486
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-0845-9444

Vance L. Trudeau was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Kjipuktuk, Mi’kma’ki, the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People.

Trudeau received his BSc and MSc from McGill University and PhD at the University of Alberta under the supervision of Richard E. Peter. After post-doctoral training in Canada with Leo Renaud and in France with Dominique Poulain and Dionysia Theodosis, he took up his first academic position at the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). He later joined the Department of Biology, University of Ottawa in 1998.

Trudeau holds the University of Ottawa Research Chair in Neuroendocrinology (2011-2026) and leads a team of dynamic trainees with wide interests and talents. Worldwide collaborations are also fundamental to the advancement of our research and are deeply appreciated. His group's research is directed towards understanding how the vertebrate brain regulates anterior pituitary hormones that control sexual development and reproduction using fish and frog models. Applications of this basic research include spawning induction methods for endangered amphibians, among others. The team also studies the effects of sex steroids and pollutants (pharmaceuticals, pesticides, petroleum products) on development and reproduction in fish and frogs. This concept is called endocrine disruption. Research conducted by TEAMENDO.CA has implications for environmental and human health because many of these hormonal systems are conserved across species. This means that what is discovered in one species, has major implications in other vertebrate, including humans.

Trudeau was founding Vice-President of the North American Society for Comparative Endocrinology (http://nasce-snaec.com/) and is the current President of the International Society for Fish Endocrinology (https://www.isfendo.com/)

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