ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-170320-1
Harrison, Michael
Email: mrh4003@med.cornell.edu
URL: http://www.labharrison.com
Affiliation: Harrison Lab
Address: Weill Cornell Medical College 413 East 69th St BB-560A New York, NY 10021
Country: United States
ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1703-9879

The development of zebrafish coronary and lymphatic vasculature and their role in heart regeneration.

- Vascularization of the juvenile zebrafish heart and identification of CXCL12 as a key player in mediating this process (Harrison et al., 2015).
- The development of the cardiac lymphatic system and understanding its important role during regeneration in reducing scar formation after injury (Harrison et al., 2019).
- Development of novel imaging and genomic approaches (Yip, Harrison et al., 2019; Bai et al., 2020).
- The development of high throughput drug screening methodologies using zebrafish larvae (Baxendale et al., 2012).
- The role of HDAC1 in zebrafish hindbrain neurogenesis (Harrison et al., 2011).

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