ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-071112-6
Herpers, Robert
Email: r.l.j.m.herpers@lumc.nl
Affiliation: Schulte-Merker
Address: Hubrecht Laboratory The Netherlands Institute for Developmental Biology Uppsalalaan 8 Utrecht, 3584 CT Netherlands
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Geudens, I., Herpers, R., Hermans, K., Segura, I., Ruiz de Almodovar, C., Bussmann, J., De Smet, F., Vandevelde, W., Hogan, B.M., Siekmann, A., Claes, F., Moore, J.C., Pistocchi, A.S., Loges, S., Mazzone, M., Mariggi, G., Bruyere, F., Cotelli, F., Kerjaschki, D., Noel, A., Foidart, J.M., Gerhardt, H., Ny, A., Langenberg, T., Lawson, N.D., Duckers, H.J., Schulte-Merker, S., Carmeliet, P., and Dewerchin, M. (2010) Role of delta-like-4/Notch in the formation and wiring of the lymphatic network in zebrafish. Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol.. 30(9):1695-1702
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Weijers CA, Meeuwse P, Herpers RL, Franssen MC, Sudh�lter EJ.
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