ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-000914-8
Mudumana, Sudha Puttur
Affiliation: Zhiyuan Gong Lab
Address: Department of Biological Sciences The National University of Singapore 10 Kent Ridge Crescent Singapore, 119260 Singapore
Country: Singapore
Phone: 65-985-21992
Fax: 65-677-92486

Academic qualifications:

1990-1994, Bachelor in Fisheries Science, BFSc from College of Fisheries (Mangalore), University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore.

1995-1997, Master in Fisheries Science from College of Fisheries (Mangalore), University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore specializing in fish pathology and worked on thesis titled 'Histopathology of white spot syndrome of cultured shrimps in India'.

1998-present, Ph.D student at the Department of Biological Sciences, National University of Singapore working under the supervision of Dr. Zhiyuan Gong (Department of Biological Sciences) and Dr. Vladimir Korzh (Insitute of Molecular Agrobiology). Working on getting a better understanding of the formation of midline structures in embryonic zebrafish.

Personal Interests:

Apart from my research activities, I take great pleasure in gardening, aquarium maintenance, traveling, cuisine, listening to light music, pencil sketching, reading poems and books to name a few.

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