ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-000424-1
Perkins, Brian
Email: perkinb2@ccf.org
Affiliation: Brian Perkins Lab
Address: Associate Staff, Department of Ophthalmic Research, Cole Eye Institute Associate Professor of Ophthalmology Cleveland Clinic 9500 Euclid Ave. Cleveland, OH 44195
Country: United States
Phone: (216) 444-9683

Our lab studies the development of the vertebrate retina. The retina of a zebrafish is very similar to that of humans in both structure and function, so the genes required to make a zebrafish retina should be the same ones needed to make a human retina. To better understand the processes involved, we look for mutant zebrafish that have abnormal retinas. To facilitate this, transgenic zebrafish that express GFP in the rod photoreceptors have been integrated into the genetic screens for mutants.  We are also looking at genes that control ciliogenesis in the retina and result in photoreceptor cell death.  Future work on these mutants will help identify genes required for normal retinal development and will likely have relevance to human blindness disorders such as macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa.

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*Co-first authors

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