ZFIN ID: ZDB-PERS-000217-19
Russell, Claire
Email: crussell@rvc.ac.uk
URL: http://www.rvc.ac.uk/AboutUs/Staff/crussell/
Affiliation: Russell Lab
Address: Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology University College London Gower Street London, WC1E 6BT United Kingdom
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: 44-207-468-1179
Fax: 44-207-388-2342

Research Interests:

Generation of zebrafish models of the Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinoses (Batten Disease)

Eye development, optic nerve axon guidance and generation of left-right asymmetry in zebrafish.

Bio Sketch:
Lecturer in Veterinary Basic Sciences, Royal Veterinary College, UK
September 2007-present.

Senior Postdoctoral Fellow
April 2005-August 2007, Genetic analysis of zebrafish development, and creation of zebrafish models of Batten disease, in the laboratory of Dr. Steve Wilson, Deptartment of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London, United Kingdom.

Postdoctoral Researcher
July 1999-April 2005, Genetic analysis of zebrafish development, in the laboratory of Dr. Steve Wilson, Deptartment of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London, United Kingdom.

Postdoctoral Researcher
December 1998-June 1999, Characterisation of mutations and cloning genes involved in axon guidance in Drosophila, in the laboratory of Dr. G. Tear, Department of Molecular Neurology, King's College London, United Kingdom.

Postdoctoral Researcher
June 1995-December 1998, Characterisation of mutations and cloning genes involved in axon guidance in Drosophila, in the laboratory of Dr. G. Tear, Department of Biochemistry, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom.

Contractual Research Assistant
October 1994-June 1995, Drosophila transformation and genetics for study of the rosy gene, for Dr. R. C. Bray, Department of Biology, University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

October 1991-June 1995, D.Phil. performed in the laboratory of Drs. J. R. S. Whittle and R. G. Phillips, Genetics and Development, Department of Biology, University of Sussex, United Kingdom. 'Use of a novel enhancer capture construct in the analysis of imaginal disc development in D. melanogaster.' Russell, C., 1995.

October 1988-June 1991, Degree award: 2.1 B.Sc. (Hons) in Biochemistry at Imperial College, University of London, United Kingdom, 1991. Project: 'Analysis and cloning of an enhancer trap putatively in the Enhancer of split Complex in Drosophila melanogaster' in the laboratory of Dr. D. Hartley.

Research Assistant
June 1991-October 1991, Cloning cDNAs into Drosophila expression vectors under the supervision of Dr. D. Hartley, Imperial College, University of London, United Kingdom.

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