Fig. 3

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Fig. 3

Morphology of Radial Astrocytes Projecting to L-MO

(A) Maximum intensity projection (MIP) along the medial-lateral axis of a 20 μm section from Tg(elavl3:H2B-GCaMP6f);Tg(gfap:tdTomato) fish. Dashed line, L-MO location. Neurons, magenta; glia, green.

(B) MIP along dorsal-ventral axis of a 20 μm section, same fish as (A). Radial astrocytes ramify in L-MO.

(C) MIP along the rostral-caudal axis of a 20 μm section in hindbrain. Radial astrocyte processes project ventral-laterally. Scale bar is corrected for 4× expansion (Freifeld et al., 2017, Tillberg et al., 2016) to approximate in vivo dimensions. Arrowhead indicates microscopy software stitching artifact.

(D) MIP along dorsal-ventral axis. Diagonal section with one (right) or several (left) radial astrocytes electroporated with synthetic dye. Astrocytic somata are proximal to dorsal midline of hindbrain; their processes run ventral-laterally, are dense in lateral hindbrain (green at brain border), and appose GABAergic somata (left: white arrow, magenta, labeled by Tg(gad1b:RFP)); radial astrocytes (right: gray) labeled by Tg(gfap:jRGECO1b).

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Reprinted from Cell, 178(1), Mu, Y., Bennett, D.V., Rubinov, M., Narayan, S., Yang, C.T., Tanimoto, M., Mensh, B.D., Looger, L.L., Ahrens, M.B., Glia Accumulate Evidence that Actions Are Futile and Suppress Unsuccessful Behavior, 27-43.e19, Copyright (2019) with permission from Elsevier. Full text @ Cell