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Figures for Tabor et al., 2018

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Fig. S5

Ablation of neurotransmitter-specified Gsx1 neurons dorsal to Mauthner cell. Related to Figure 5

A-C. Glutamatergic (A: gsx1-Gal4, UAS:Cre-ERT2, vglut2a:Switch-GFP, red), GABAergic (B: gsx1-Gal4, UAS:Cre-ERT2, gad1b:Switch-GFP, red), and glycinergic (C: gsx1:Cre, glyt2:Switch-Gal4,UAS:GFP, red) Gsx1 neurons in the dorsal vicinity of the Mauthner cell (retrogradely labeled, red) before (top) and after (bottom) laser ablation. Scale bar 50 μm applies to all panels.

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