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Figures for Hayes et al., 2018

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Fig. S4

Related to Figure 5. Transgenic expression of vangl2 does not affect tumor latency, incidence, or size in the primary zebrafish ERMS. (A-D) Zebrafish ERMS generated by injection of rag2:kRASG12D (A,B) or rag2:kRASG12D + rag2:vangl2 (C,D). rag2:GFP was co-injected to fluorescently label tumor cells. Representative images of tumor histology (B,D). (E) Tumor incidence assessed over time (n=175 animals for kRASG12D and n=214 animals for kRASG12D+Vangl2, p=0.57 log-rank statistic). (F) Tumor size measured at 30 days based on GFP intensity multiplied by 2D pixel area. Each datum point represents tumor size in a single fish. Not significant by Student’s t-test calculation (n.s.).

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