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Figures for Norris et al., 2017

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Fig. 4

Wild-type and toddler mutant embryos respond similarly to exogenous Nodal sources.

(A) qRT-PCR at 50% epiboly on embryos injected at the one-cell stage with water or increasing levels of Nodal mRNA. Fold change in expression is relative to water control. Two biological replicates. (B–D) Clones of cells expressing exogenous Nodal mRNA and GFP were transplanted into host embryos at sphere stage and collected for in situ hybridization 1.5 hr later. Donors and hosts were always of matching genotype. (B) Representative images of quantifications in C. Orange staining marks anti-GFP labeled transplanted cells. Purple staining is from in situ hybridization for a Nodal target gene. (C) Percentage of embryos for which Nodal target gene expression was visible via in situ hybridization. N = number of independent experiments. n = number of embryos. (D) Diameter of induction of ta expression around the clone of transplanted cells. Each point represents a single embryo. Red bars are averages; ns: p=0.44; unpaired two-tailed t-test. (A and C) Means ±SEM.


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