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Fig. 1

Enpp2 overexpression alters midline axis formation in the early embryogenesis of zebrafish.

Developmental series of WISH at designated stages were performed using enpp2 antisense riboprobe. (A) Lateral view and animal/dorsal view of WISH early zebrafish embryos at designated stages. (B) Representative pictures of control, mild (slight delay and smooth somite borders) and severe (developmental delay and midline axial defect) phenotypes in enpp2 injected embryos. (C,D) Quantification of phenotype variant and penetrance (detectable phenotype) following injection with different doses of enpp2 RNA and normalized to control. The sample size (n) is stated as numerical value above each bar. Data are mean ± SEM from at least four independent experiments. Statistical analysis was established by one-way ANOVA; *P < 0.05; ***P < 0.001. Dead embryos were normalised to uninjected embryos (E) Representative WISH pictures of control and enpp2 injected embryos with midline axis gene probes ntl or shha riboprobes (F). >50 embryos used in each experiment. Scale bars: 200 μm.

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