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Figures for Trowe et al., 1996

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Fig. 8

Mutations affecting tectal size. (A) Retinotectal projection of a wild-type fish. (B) Retinotectal projection of a noi mutant. The tectum (dotted line) is smaller than in wild-type fish. Temporoventral axons (arrow) project to the posterior margin of the tectal remnant (arrowheads). (C) Nasodorsal axons of a noi mutant. They pass the posterior end of the tectal remnant (dotted line) and grow caudally (arrows). (D) Retinotectal projection of a tin mutant. The tectum (dotted line) is tiny. Even in this tiny tectum, nasodorsal axons (green) project posterior and ventral of the temporoventral axons (red). m, melanophore. Scale bars, 0.1 mm.

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