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Fig. 4

Irradiation causes an increase in fluorescence lifetime at 3.5 hours in the head region of zebrafish. 24 hpf Tg(Ubi : Caspase3bios) were irradiated (C-F) with 25 Gy from a 137Cs source, or left untreated (A-C) and imaged at 1 hpi (A, D), 2 hpi (B, E) and 3.5 hpi (C, F) with FLIM OPT. 5 time gated images were acquired every 4°, through a full 360° rotation. Data was reconstructed using MATLAB, and fitted using a single pixelwise variable projection model in FLIMfit, giving the mean lifetime per pixel. 3D images were generated using the 3D viewer plug-in in FiJi. Histograms show frequency of pixel lifetimes. Centre histograms: head region. Edge histograms: tail region.

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