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Fig. 2

Validation of Caspase 3 biosensor activation following gamma irradiation using confocal microscopy. 24 hpf zebrafish embryos were irradiated (B, D) with 18 Gy from a 137Cs source or left untreated (A, C) and imaged at 3 hpi using confocal microscopy. (A, B) confocal fluorescence intensity images of TraNac embryos, either non-irradiated (A) or irradiated (B), fixed and labelled with an active Caspase 3 immunofluorescent antibody. (C, D) confocal fluorescence lifetime images of non-irradiated (C) and irradiated (D) Tg(Ubi : Caspase3bios) embryos at 3 hpi.

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