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Figures for Kiesow et al., 2015

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Fig. S3 Ectopic administration of miR-182 does not cause vascular defects in zebrafish. (a) Overexpression of miR-182 was assessed by Taqman miRNA assay in 48 hpf zebrafish embryos injected with miR-182-mimic (182- Mimic) or negative control mimic (Neg-Mimic) as indicated mean ± SD (n=3-5). miR-182 expression level in 40 pg Neg-Mimic injected embryos was set to 1. *** P < 0.001, ** P < 0.01, Unpaired Student’s t-test. (B) Left panel, bright field images of embryos injected with 40 pg Neg-Mimic (n=129) or miR-182-Mimic (n=114). Middle panel, confocal images of indicated trunk region in Tg(fli1:EGFP)y1 embryos at 72 hpf. Right panel, enlarged view of trunk region marked by the yellow rectangle in the middle panel. DA, dorsal aorta, PCV, posterior cardinal vein, and ISV, intersegmental vessels. PL is marked with yellow arrows or, if absent, with asterisks. Panels are lateral views, dorsal is up, anterior to the left. Black scale bar: 500 µm; white scale bar: 50 µm. (c) Percentage of PL defects as described in Figure 5.

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