Figures for Mitchell et al., 2015

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Fig. 9

An “LWS Transition Zone” exists in ventral retina of juvenile fish.

Sections of retina from one-month old juvenile retinas are shown. A and B. Two different sections from separate LWS:PAC(H) transgenic fish showing LWS1:GFP+ cones (green fluorescence; long arrows), LWS2:RFP+ cones (red fluorescence), and cones co-expressing LWS1:GFP and LWS2:RFP (yellow, short arrows). B. The asterisk (*) indicates a cone expressing only LWS2:RFP at the ventral periphery. C. Dual in situ hybridization using cDNA probes for LWS1 (purple) and LWS2 (red/pink). Cones expressing LWS1 only are indicated by long arrows; cones co-labeled with both probes are indicted by short arrows. The asterisk (*) indicates an LWS2 singly labelled cone at the ventral periphery. Scale bar in A (applies to all) = 25 µm; v, ventral; d, dorsal.

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