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Figures for Jungke et al., 2015


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Fig. 2 Native mCherry expression of CreERT2-driver lines in a variety of embryonic tissues.

(A-C) Ubiquitous mCherry expression in tud20Gt at 24 and 48 hpf, and tud38Gt at 48 hpf. (D-G) CreERT2-driver lines expressing mCherry in restricted patterns of the neural tube: (D) hindbrain and spinal cord expression in tud17Gt at 48 hpf, (E-G) fore-, mid- and hindbrain expression in tud19Gt and tud27Gt at 48 hpf and fore- and midbrain expression in tud37Gt at 24 hpf. (H-K) Somitic mCherry expression in tud11Gt and tud13Gt at 48 hpf as well as in tud14Gt and tud38Gt at 24 hpf. (L, M) mCherry expression in the developing inner ear in tud37Gt at 48 hpf and tud38Gt at 24 hpf. (N, O) CreERT2-driver lines expressing mCherry in the embryonic heart in tud11Gt and tud14Gt at 48 hpf. (P) mCherry expression in the tail bud in tud27Gt at 24 hpf. (Q) Fin bud expression in tud28Gt at 48 hpf. (R) CreERT2-driver line tud28Gt shows mCherry expression in the kidney anlagen at 24 hpf; Bold letters indicate CreERT2-driver lines with known gene trap integrations.

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