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Fig. 6

Crfb17 Signaling Acts Cell Autonomously to Regulate HSC Emergence

(A–D) crfb17 overexpression in ECs induces HSC emergence. (A) Schematic drawing of the bidirectional 14xUAS-driven nls-Cerulean and crfb17 expression construct. Tg(cdh5:GAL4FF) embryos were injected with the control construct nls-cerulean:14xUAS (B) or the nls-Cerulean:14xUAS:crfb17 construct (C). nls-Cerulean+ (red) cells that turned on the HSC marker itga2b:EGFP+ (green) are indicated by white asterisks. White arrowheads point to itga2b:EGFPnls-Cerulean+ cells. (D) Percentages of itga2b:EGFP+nls-Cerulean+ per total nls-Cerulean+ cells are shown as means ± SEM, n = 13–16 embryos, p d 0.01.

(E–H) Crfb17 is required cell autonomously in the HSC lineage. (E) Schematic drawing of the transplantation assay; 52–54 hpf embryos with transplanted cells from control (crfb17+/+) (F) or crfb17/ (G) embryos carrying the Tg(itga2b:EGFP) (green) and Tg(kdrl:HRAS-mCherry) (red) transgenes. White arrowheads point to green+red+ HSCs. (H) Numbers of itga2b:EGFP+kdrl:HRAS-mCherry+ cells per 100 µm aortic length are shown as means ± SEM, n = 16–20 embryos, p d 0.05.

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