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Figures for Sawamiphak et al., 2014

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Fig. S2

Ifn-γ effect on cell proliferation and survival, related to fig. 2.

a-c) ifng1-2 overexpression causes a reduction of endothelial cell-cycling rate. kdrl:HRAS-mCherry+ (red) ECs within the dorsal aorta area (dashed lines) that exit the G0 phase in control embryos not harboring the Tg(hsp:ifng1-2-V5) transgene (a) and Tg(hsp:ifng1-2-V5) embryos (b) are labeled with PCNA immunostaining (blue). Increased HSC (Itga2b:EGFP+ cells in green) numbers are apparent in the Tg(hsp:ifng1-2-V5) embryos. All embryos were heat-shocked at 24 and 48 hpf and harvested at 52-54 hpf. c, PCNA+ ECs (blue+red+) per 500 µm dorsal aorta length. Values represent means +/- SEM. n=9 embryos per group. d-f) apoptotic rate of HSCs appears unaffected by Ifn-g deficiency. HSCs (itga2b:EGFP+kdrl:HRAS-mCherry+, green+red+) undergoing apoptosis in mockinjected (d), and ifng1-2 MO-injected (e) embryos were labeled by TUNEL staining (blue), and highlighted in the figure by white circles. TUNEL- HSCs are marked with white arrowheads. f, Percentage of TUNEL+ HSCs per total HSCs at the dorsal aorta. Values represent means +/- SEM. n=9-11 embryos per group. n.s. p>0.05. All images are lateral views, dorsal up and anterior to the left.

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