Figures for Huang et al., 2014


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Fig. 1

Notch and RA signaling regulate the induction of 2° islet cells in a manner consistent with synergy. (A–D) Confocal z-stack projections of larval Tg(neuroD:GFP)nl1 pancreata dissected at 5 dpf. Larvae were treated with (A) DMSO, (B) RO4929097 (RO) 0.625 μM, (C) DEAB 25 μM and (D) DEAB 25 μM+RO 0.625 μM, from 3–5 dpf. 2° Islet cells (green) in the tail region of pancreata are indicated by arrowheads. Pancreata are outlined in white dashed lines. Scale Bar, 100 μm. (E) Average number of 2° islet cells per 5 dpf larval pancreas. N=number of larval pancreata quantified. Error Bar represents standard error around the mean (SE). Significance, **p<0.001.

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