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Figures for Xue et al., 2014

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Fig. S4

The 2.272-kb bmp2b promoter drives the expression of the reporter GFP in the dorsal side of embryos. (a) Illustration of the bmp2b locus and Tg(-2.272bmp2b:gfp) transgene construct. The plasmid construct -2.272bmp2b:gfp was made by placing gfp cDNA downstream of the 2.272-kb bmp2b promoter. (b, c) GFP expression in embryos at indicated stages following Tg(-2.272bmp2b:gfp) injection. Embryos at the one cell stage were injected with Tg(-2.272bmp2b:gfp) plasmid DNA at a dose of 50 pg per embryo and observed for GFP expression under a fluorescence dissection microscope at different stages. A group of embryos (b) or individual embryos (c) were showed. The composite pictures were made by superimposing the fluorescence image on the bright field image of the same field. Note that the reporter expression was restricted to the dorsal blastoderm at late blastulation stages and to the organizer and its derivatives at gastrulation stages but it did not occur in the ventral side.

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