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Figures for Xue et al., 2014

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Fig. S3

GFP or its fusion protein driven by a gsc promoter is specifically expressed in the organizer and its derivatives. (a) Illustration of the gsc locus and Tg(-2.067gsc:gfp) and Tg(-2.067gsc:tBr-gfp) transgene constructs. (b) Expression of the Tg(-2.067gsc:gfp) transgene in embryos. One-cell stage embryos were injected with 105 pg Tg(-2.067gsc:gfp) DNA and observed under a dissection fluorescence microscope at indicated stages. The showed were composite images by superimposing the fluorescence image on the bright field image of the same group of embryos. (c) Comparison of Tg(-2.067gsc:gfp) and Tg(-2.067gsc:tBr-gfp) expression at the shield stage. The showed were also composite images. Note that the embryo injected with Tg(-2.067gsc:tBr-gfp) was morphologically abnormal because of dorsalization.

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