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Figures for Rost et al., 2014

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Fig. 7

VEGF signaling inhibits stab2 expression, while Notch inhibition has no effect on stab2 expression.

(A–F) Vegf overexpressing embryos display downregulated stab2 expression evident by in situ hybridization analysis at the 20-somite (A,B), 24-somite (C,D) and 24 hpf (E,F) stages. Note that in wt embryos stab2 is expressed in both the DA and the PCV at the 20–24-somite stage while its expression is primarily restricted to the PCV at 24 hpf. (G,H) Vegf morphants display an expansion of stab2 expression into the DA at 24 hpf when expression is normally restricted to the PCV in wt embryos. (I–N) Stab2 expression at 24 hpf is not affected by inhibition of Notch signaling either by DAPT treatment (K,L) or in mindbomb genetic mutants (M,N) while flt4 expression is expanded in DAPT treated embryos (I,J). Arrows indicate DA and arrowheads indicate PCV in all panels. Lateral view, anterior is to the left, trunk and tail region is shown.

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