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Fig. 5

Downregulation of venous markers by PI3K inhibition is restored in Stab2 morphants.

Both wild type and Stab2 morphant embryos were treated with either 1% DMSO or 20 ┬ÁM LY294002 and stained for stab1l and flt4 expression by in situ hybridization analysis. (A,B, E,F) Wild type embryos display a reduction in intensity of staining of either stab1l (A,B) or flt4 (E,F) upon LY294002 treatment. Note that because venous stab1l and flt4 expression is reduced, arterial and venous expressions appear of similar intensity. (C,G) DMSO treated Stab2 morphants display an expansion of stab1l (C) and flt4 (G) expression into the area of the DA. (D,H) LY294002 treated Stab2 morphants display expanded arterial stab1l (D) and flt4 (H) expression and the intensity of venous expression are restored to wild type levels. Arrows indicate DA and arrowheads indicated PCV. Lateral view of 24 hpf embryos, anterior is to the left, trunk and tail region is shown. Morphants were injected with a cocktail containing Stab2 MO1, MO2, and p53 MO.

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