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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-140804-29
Figures for Sanders et al., 2013

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 1

Spores of Pseudoloma neurophilia in Luna-stained histological sections of progeny of infected zebrafish, Danio rerio.

A.Spores (red) in the epidermis of a 7 d post-fertilization (pf) larval zebrafish. B. Spores in the resorbing yolk-sac of the same 7 dpf larval zebrafish. C. Spore aggregate beneath the intestinal epithelium of an 8 wk pf juvenile fish. D. Spores in the ovigerous stroma adjacent to developing follicles in an 8 wk pf fish. Bar = 10 μm.

Figure Data:
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