Figures for Nguyen-Chi et al., 2014

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Fig. S1

E. coli remains extracellular in the notochord of infected larvae.

Ultra-structural analysis using transmission electron microscopy of notochord infected larvae with E. coli, 15 min after infection (A-C) and 2 hpi (D-F). (B) and (C) are high magnification of regions boxed in (A), box 1 and 2, respectively. and (F) of region boxed in (E). Asterisks show bacteria whose morphology is altered. b: bacteria, pbm: peri-notochordal basement membrane, col: collagen sheath, nc: notochordal cell, v: vacuole. Scale bars : 5 μm in A and E, 0.5 μm in B, C, D and F.

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