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Figures for Flasse et al., 2013

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Fig. 11 Neurog3 is not involved in the formation of the second wave endocrine cells. (A-B) Ventral views of immunohistochemistry against GFP of five dpf wt(A) or neurog3 null mutant (B) tg(pax6b:GFP) embryos treated from three to five dpf with the Notch signaling inhibitor LY411575. The generation of pax6b endocrine cells from the intrapancreatic duct (indicated by a dash line) is not perturbed in the neurog3 null mutant (n = 6). (C) Confocal projections of ascl1b (green) and neurod1 (red) expression of four dpf embryos treated from three to four dpf with the Notch signaling inhibitor LY411575 showing a strong expression in the intrapancreatic duct. Anterior part to the left. dpf, days post fertilization; wt, wild type.

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