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Figures for McCarroll et al., 2013

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Fig. S1

Local Fgf activity is sufficient to expand the facial placode. (A-E) Twenty-four hour old zebrafish embryos that received heparin beads soaked in either recombinant Fgf8 (A-C) or BSA (D,E) were immunostained for Pax2a expression and imaged using either transmitted light (shows site of bead implantation in A, D) or confocal microscopy in (B,E; bead is outlined in yellow). Note the expansion of the facial placode (f) near the Fgf8-soaked bead (B) compared to contralateral control of the same embryo (C). (F) Quantification of Pax2a+ cells in the facial placode revealed a 2 fold increase in the facial placode in embryos that received an Fgf8 soaked bead compared to the contralateral side (Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed rank test; *P<0.05; error bars: standard error of mean; n=5 embryos/condition).

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