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Figures for Frohnhöfer et al., 2013

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Fig. 3 Adult phenotypes of xanthophore, melanophore and double mutants. pfe (A,A′), nac (B-B′), nac;pfe (C,C′) and shd;pfe (D,D′) mutant fish. The boxed areas in A-D are enlarged in A′-D′. Arrow in A′ marks X1V in the pfe mutant. In the nac mutant, xanthophores strictly colocalise with dense S-iridophores (B′); the arrow points to a region of X1V that is enlarged in B′. S-iridophores spread over the entire flank in nac;pfe (C′). Melanophores associated with the blood vessels are visible along myosepta in shd;pfe (D,D′).

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