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Fig. 7 MO knockdown of pes phenocopies SbdsATG MO-induced p53-independent defects in pancreas development. (A) Injection of PesATG MO into p53zdf1/zdf1 embryos results in a dose-dependent defect in pancreatic progenitor expansion, as assessed in 72-hpf ptf1a:eGFP;ins:mCherry embryos. (B) Quantification of three independent experiments scored for the percentage of embryos with wild-type pancreas following injection of PesATG MO into a p53zdf1/zdf1;ptf1a:eGFPjh1;ins:mCherryjh2 background. (C) The gross appearance of PesATG MO-injected embryos at 72 hpf includes a small head and eye but normal body axis. (D) Microarray quantification of pes transcript levels indicates an increase in pes expression in SbdsATG MO-injected p53zdf1/zdf1 embryos. (E) Increased abundance of pes transcripts in SbdsATG MO-injected p53zdf1/zdf1 embryos is confirmed by in situ hybridization. Error bars indicate s.e.m.

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