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Figures for Li et al., 2011

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 6 TEM of 3-dpf larvae injected with abca12 or snap29 morpholinos. (A,E) Control morpholino (scMO); (B) abca12 morpholino (MO1). Boxes surrounding electron-dense subcellular structures in B were examined at higher magnification and are shown in C and D. (F) Injection with snap29 morpholino (MO2). (A–F) Arrows point to microridges; open arrowheads indicate basement membrane; solid black arrowheads point to the areas of accumulation of putative lipids within the electron-dense granules in C and D; solid white arrowheads in F point to apparently empty vesicles. e, epidermis; d, developing dermis.

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