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Fig. 4

Expression of dkk3a(dkk3l) gene in mutants with defective neural patterning and neurogenesis Neuronal expression at 72hpf in wild type (A and A2), nls/aldh1a2 (B and B2), smo (C and C2) and mib (D and D2) mutant embryos. Expression of dkk3a(dkk3l) in reticulospinal neurons of the hindbrain (rsn) and midbrain (nucMLF: nucleus of the medial longitudinal fascicle) was not significantly altered in nls/alh1a2 mutants. In smo mutants the number of expressing cells is reduced in the central (rsn, nucMLF) but not in the peripheral nervous system (ad/av; anterior dorsal and anterior ventral lateral line ganglion and pl; posterior lateral line ganglia). By contrast, mib mutants show a strong reduction of dkk3a(dkk3l) expressing cells in the central and peripheral nervous system. The same embryos are shown in lateral (A–D) and dorsal view (A2, B2, C2 and D′). Scale bars in all figures correspond to 50 μm.

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