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Figures for Takano et al., 2010


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Fig. 7 Embryonic expression pattern of sbno2b. A-C: A 90% epiboly stage (9 hpf) embryo. D-F: A bud stage (10 hpf) embryo. G: A 18-somite (18 hpf) stage embryo. H: A pharyngula (24 hpf) stage embryo. A and D are views from animal pole of the embryos. B, E, G, and H are lateral views with ventral to the left. C and F are views from the vegetal pole. Expression of sbno2b was detected in non-neural tissues of embryos, which is distinct from that of the other zebrafish sbno genes. icm, intermediate cell mass; nt, notochord; pd, proctodeum; pp, prepolster; rbi, rostral blood island.

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