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Fig. 7 Misplaced retinal ganglion cells project dendrites towards neuropil comprising amacrine cell neurites. (A) Example of a mispositioned RGC with dendritic terminals projecting to cell body-free regions, putative neuropil, at different retinal depths (Max, maximum projection of image stack). While two arbors (inner) terminate close to the cell body (towards the ILM) within a neuropil region, one arbor projects into a deeper (towards the OLM) part of this uneven neuropil, towards the back of the eye (outer). See Additional file 6 for viewing sequential image planes of the three-dimensional reconstruction of the cell. (B) Colocalization of RGC dendrites and amacrine cell neurites also occur in ectopic locations (asterisks). RGCs are labeled by expression of GFP in the isl2b:MGFP line crossed into the has background. Amacrine cells are immunolabeled by anti-5E11 in this frozen section. Higher magnification of the boxed area shows processes of a ganglion cell (yellow arrow) colocalizing with 5E11 staining (cyan). OLM, outer limiting membrane; GCL, ganglion cell layer.

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