Figures for Choi et al., 2010

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Fig. 2 In vivo time-lapse imaging showing transition of a retinal ganglion cell dendritic arbor from unoriented to apically oriented. (A) Maximum intensity projections of multiphoton image stacks of an RGC at successive time-points, beginning at 40 hpf. The arrows indicate a primary dendrite. Cell is oriented with apical direction upwards. See Additional file 1 (movie of the time-lapse). (B) Quantification of the dendritic behavior of four representative RGCs over several hours, showing progressive orientation of the dendrites towards the apical direction. Numbers at the first time-point indicate the age (hpf) of the embryo when the time-lapse commenced. Because the retina shows a centroperipheral gradient in maturation, cells at various stages of maturation can be found within an eye.

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