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Figures for Lopes et al., 2010

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Fig. S1 Elimination of Cut from the SB cells leads to cell death and abnormal morphology of the adult spiracles. (A-A′′) btl-Gal4 UAS-srcGFP; UAS-cutRNAi reared at 29°C stained for Cut (red in A,A′) and DAPI (blue), green is GFP (A,A′′); Cut protein is eliminated following overexpression of the UAS-cutRNAi transgene at 29°C. (B-B′′) esg-Gal4 UAS-EGFP; UAS-cutRNAi reared at 29°C stained for DE-Cadherin (red in B,B′) and DAPI (blue in B,B′′); loss of Cut reduces the number of SB tracheoblasts, and causes cell death (nuclei with disrupted morphology) and breaks in the SB (yellow arrow). Scale bar: 20 μm. (C) Dorsal view of the abdomen of an esg-Gal4 UAS-EGFP adult female showing wild-type morphology of the tergites. (C′,C′′) Ventral view of the wild type abdomen shown in C containing seven pairs of spiracles (red arrowheads). (D) Dorsal view of the abdomen of an esg-Gal4 UAS-EGFP; UAS-cutRNAi adult female reared at 29°C. Abnormal morphogenesis of the tergites is observed, possibly because Cut is involved in the morphogenesis of the abdominal histoblasts. (D′,D′′) Ventral view of the abdomen shown in D where fewer spiracles (red arrowheads) are formed compared with wild type. Necrotic tracheal tissue in D′ is indicated by a black arrow.

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