Fig. S2

Figures for Pujol-Martí et al., 2010
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Fig. S2 A-C: Somata and central projections of neurons innervating: caudal (Nterm) (A), middle (N4) (B), and rostral (N1) (C) neuromasts, after rhodamine-dextran injection in a 6-day-old HGn39D transgenic fish. EGFP and rhodamine-dextran fluorescent signal are depicted in green and red respectively. A′-C′: Detail of the central projections shown in A-C. Rhodamine-dextran levels were increased to highlight the lateralis central axons. All images are snapshots of lateral views from three-dimensional reconstructions. Dorsal is towards top, anterior is towards left. Scale bars = 30 μm.

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