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Figures for Sheng et al., 2010

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Fig. S3 Phenotypes of zLRRK2 ATG morphants. (A) Western blot analysis at 72 hpf showing the strong reduction in expression of zLRRK2 protein as well as the decreased TH protein level in embryos injected with ATG morpholino. The analysis was done in duplicate, and adult brain protein was used as positive control for zLRRK2. (B) WISH analysis at 2 dpf showing retarded brain development and decreased TH expression in an ATG morphant (right). An uninjected sibling is shown for comparison (left). Quantification of the TH+ cell loss in ATG morphant as well as the rescue of ATG morphant with hLRRK2 was shown on the right. Co-injection of hLRRK2 significantly rescue the number of TH+ cells compared to ATG MO alone. ***P<0.001 (unpaired Student′s t-test). (C) Heart edema phenotype of ATG morphant and rescue effect of hLRRK2 on ATG morphant.

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