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Fig. 1 pen/lgl2 deficient epidermal cells form tumors in a cell autonomous fashion.

DIC images of 5-day-old wild-type (A) and pen/lgl2 mutant larvae (B). DIC image of wt host with pen/lgl2 mutant skin clones (C). Close-up of a tumor in DIC (D) and GFP channel (E). In comparison to 5 day wild-type larvae (A) the pen/lgl2 mutant larvae exhibit neoplasias, most prominently in the ventral jaw region (B). Seven days after the transplantation of pen/lgl2 mutant cells at blastula stage, recipients develop tumor like structures in the skin (C). These tumor like structures (D) contain GFP labelled cells (E) indicating that they are derived from mutant clones.

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