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Figures for Park et al., 2009
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Fig. 4 Promoter analysis using transient expression of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) reporter gene. A: Schematic drawing of the vmhc gene structure. The vertical lines and rectangles represent exons. The horizontal thin line separating exons represents the introns. An enhanced GFP (EGFP) reporter gene was fused to the third exon of the zebrafish vmhc 5′-flanking region, which includes 1.8 kb upstream, exon 1, intron 1, exon 2, intron 2, and partial exon 3. The transcription initiation site is indicated by an arrow and +1. More than 100 embryos (3 days postfertilization, dpf) were used to determine the GFP-reporter gene expression level for each construct. The expression of fluorescence is indicated by +, and no fluorescence observed by -. B: A representative example of transient expression of the pZVMHC-1834 construct.

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