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Figures for Ota et al., 2009

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Fig. S3 Embryos co-injected with mRNA for mdn-R and fgf genes. Zebrafish embryos were co-injected with mRNA (300–400 pg/embryo) for egfp or specified mdn-R genes together with different fgf mRNA at minimal amounts sufficient to attain complete dorsalization. All the fgf genes caused dorsalization, as revealed by elongation along the animal-vegetal axis at the bud stage (compare C, I, O, U with A), which was suppressed selectively by some of the mdn-R genes. The criterion of rescue was whether the ratio of the animal-vegetal axis (b) to the other axis (a) was reduced below 1.2 (B). ‘Rescue’ shows nearly complete rescue of embryos by mdn-R overexpression.

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