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Figures for Ota et al., 2009

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Fig. S2 Evaluation of the FGF signal in embryos injected with mRNA for dominant-negative FGFRs and/or fgf genes. (A–H) The endogenous expression of spry4 in the anterior neural boundary (amb), MHB, and tailbud (tb) (A) was downregulated by overexpression of mdn-R genes (B–F), XFD (G), and sdn-R3 (H) at the bud stage. (I–N) Ectopic expression of spry4 induced by fgf3 and fgf8 was suppressed efficiently by mdn-R1, whereas sdn-R3 abrogated the effects of fgf8, but not of fgf3. The apparent reduction of spry4 expression in the embryo co-expressing fgf3 and sdn-R3 is probably due to the suppression of endogenous FGF8 subfamily genes. Lateral views with anterior to the top and dorsal to the right.

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