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Figures for Stenkamp et al., 2000

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Fig. 5 Recruitment of rods and red cones in wild-type and syut4 embryos and in shh/twhh antisense-injected wild-type embryos. Eyes were from 75-hpf embryos, hybridized with GFrod (red color; arrows) and GFred (dark color; arrowheads). (A) Wild-type embryo. Image is a superimposed projection of several focal planes (using the “apply image” function in Adobe PhotoShop), in bright-field and epifluorescence optics. Scale bar (applies to A and B), 50 μm; v, ventral. (B) Eye of embryo injected with shh/twhh antisense oligos. (C) syut4 embryo. B and C are superimposed epifluorescent and bright-field images, but from a single focal plane that contained all labeled photoreceptors. Scale bar in C, 50 μm.

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