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Figures for Langenberg et al., 2008


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Fig. 6 Anterior neural crest cells (NCCs) have reduced migration rates and directionality in chokh. A,B: Stills from time-lapse movies at higher magnification of a wild-type (WT, A) and a chokh mutant embryo (B) in the Tg(sox10:gfp) background. Red lines in 60-min panels show the tracking position at each 2-min interval of the cells marked by asterisks in the 0-min and 30-min panels. C: Results of velocity and directionality measurements. Cells were tracked over 20 to 60 min. Values shown are the mean, and error bars are standard deviation. n = 21 cells in 5 embryos for WT and 26 cells in 5 embryos for chokh embryos. Means were compared with unpaired t-tests. *P = 0.0061; **P < 0.0001. Scale bar = 50 μm.

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