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Figures for Willot et al., 2002

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Fig. 7 admp, bmp2b, and bmp7 have distinct effects. wt embryos were injected at the one-cell stage with bmp2b, bmp7, admp, or tr-admp RNA either alone or in combination (bmp2b + tr-admp or bmp7 + admp) compared to uninjected siblings (control). (A–H) Live embryos at 1 day of development. (I–M) Flat mounts of embryos stained at the 15-somite stage with pax6, her5, and gata1 in dark blue; hgg1, krox20, and ntl in red; anterior to the left. (A–C) bmp2b RNA-injected embryos with V1, strong V2 (designated V2–V3), or V4 phenotype. (D) Embryos coinjected with bmp2b and tr-admp display both dorsalized (loss of the ventral tail fin and ventral vein indicated by an arrow) and ventralized features (reduced head indicated by an arrow head, excess of blood cells marked “*”). (F) Embryos coinjected with bmp7 and admp display a typical ventralized phenotype. (G, H) bmp7 RNA-injected embryos with type II and type IV phenotype. (H) The notochord is indicated (arrow). (I, K) bmp7-injected embryos. (I) The notochord (arrow) and the hatching gland (arrowhead) are indicated. (K) The prominent tail bud (red arrow) and unaffected gata1 expression domain (arrowhead) are indicated. (L) admp-injected embryo. ntl staining is reduced (arrow) and gata1 is expanded (arrowhead). Compare with (J). (M) bmp7 and tr-admp RNA coinjected embryo. The posterior notochord is lost (arrow) and the neural plate reduced (arrowheads). Numbers and doses corresponding to this experiment are reported in Table 1.

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